How did Your Daily Dose of Fiber Begin?

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Hi there,

    My name is Emily Michetti, I began my fiber journey in the Alti Plano of Peru, where I discovered Alpacas. It was love at first sight with their cute little faces.  As a child it was all about these adorable fluffy animals.  When I returned to the states, I got a job at an Alpaca farm. This is where I really began to learn about the wonderful fleece these animals produce, it was then I started becoming interested in fiber arts.  The wonderful lady who owned the farm taught me to knit, and I fiddled with it off and on for the next ten years.  I got back into knitting seriously about 3 years ago. All the fiber arts world came flooding back to me. I quickly taught myself to spin and it has been a downhill slope ever since.

I am excited to begin selling my yarns to you, it has been a long time dream. My goal is to make beautiful, luxurious, hand spun yarns.  The emphasis of my yarns will be softness, I have struggled with severe eczema my whole life and I appreciate a truly fine fiber. I greatly enjoy working with not only Alpaca but other luxury fibers as well, the weirder (and softer) the better in my book! I plan to keep everything in it simplest form, no dyes, minimal processing, as I believe there is beauty in simplicity.

 Because my passion originated in Peru, and it is a place I hold deep in my heart, I am planning to donate a portion of my sales to Awamaki. An organization that helps female Andean fiber artists, market their skills, create small businesses and supply a steady income for them and their families. 10% of all my profits will go to help these awesome female artisans in Ollantaytambo, Peru. I hope you enjoy knitting my yarns as much as I enjoy spinning them, and I thank you for your contribution to this project.