Your Daily Dose of Fiber is a collection of luxury, hand spun yarns and all natural household products.  I use only the softest fibers I can get my hands on, including Alpaca, Yak, Angora and Merino.  I design all my yarn and household products with sensitive skin in mind as it is something I struggle with myself. Always striving to keep everything in its most natural form.

When it comes to my household products, whether it be Felted soaps, Dryer Balls or Bio-degradable dish scrubbers. Everything is lovingly handmade, thoughtfully designed and created with sustainability in mind. All materials sourced for each item are natural and eco-friendly.

When it comes to my yarns, I feel each fiber has its own wonderful quality that deserves to shine through. Therefore each skein is minimally processed, and hardly ever dyed.  I enjoy showcasing the beautiful fiber these animals produce in the simplest way possible. And presenting their wonderful work to the world just the way it was grown.

And of course everything is always kept

 ...Natural. Minimal. Beautiful.